Signet Rings

Square and rounded signet rings. Mirrored silver or finished with a worn and oxidised textured surface.

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Textured Bands

Slashed, sliced and studded. These silver bands celebrate texture, each one is unique. Rather than the custom rings, made to order, these textured bands are pre-made and ready to send out. No waiting around. I do make them as small sets though so the sizes are limited, if you would like a particular style or size then please get in touch with your request.

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Hand-carved skull rings, from the larger Skull Ring to the smaller triple skull ring. Cast in sterling silver but available in other metals on request. The skull core pendant is a knife bead, it looks great worn as a pendant on a leather thong. This collection also features the Sons of Haringey ring, a custom skull ring designed for a group of friends and bikers in London.

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Lino and letterpress hards, hand printed in Poole. A donation from the WeCanYukon cards goes to Samaritans and Cancer Research UK, the chosen charities for our adventure along the Yukon River. 

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All Products

Original hand-carved rings and pendants, cast in .925 sterling silver and sized as required.

With lino prints and letterpress printmaking from the Poole Printmakers studio, all prints are originals and hand-printed using traditional printmaking techniques and ancient presses locally. 

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