Dorchester Prison RecordsPrison Records Dorchester county prison 1840 - cooper smugglers, Kimmeridge

I have always been creative, one of my proudest moments is winning an award for a backberry teapot a made from clay when I was 12. It's on mum's window sill, I'll get a picture next time I am visiting.  

I studied textile design at Falmouth University, and then tumbled into the world of marketing and away from making. A few years passed where I only looked back on my craft and wished I was using my hands once again. After reading Big Magic and a few other great books I created a brand, just for fun and designed a website to see if I could, and started selling, almost by accident. 

Personally, I am drawn to strength and don’t shy away from darkness. I have been brought up to be independent and to welcome change an opportunity, looking back into my family history this could be nature rather than nurture. The coopers were one of the most notorious smuggling families of Kimmeridge Bay, the Coopers (and another local family, the Sticklands) ruled the illicit trade along the Dorset shores in the 1800’s (with the occasional prison stint) and though we haven’t turned to mischief in the same way since, we all welcome challenge, innovation and adventure.  

The Hex Cavelli brand is experimental, I make things just to see what they look like, or how the wax relates to the metal. I have no idea what my illustration style is and often when I print I am testing out new lino or exploring an idea with very little planning (possibly one of my faults). Three or four years in I am still playing, enjoying the journey and not sure where it will take me. 

I have learnt how to polish expertly by the wonderful Steve Goldsmith, and learnt about enamel and engraving from the Goldsmith’s Centre in London. I am currently collaborating with a 3D designer on some very meaningful commissions and an artist for a custom ring. 

1840 Dorchester county prison Records Cooper Smugglers Prison Record 1840


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