About Me

Jane Cooper Coops from Speedshop on BBC2

My name is Jane Cooper, but known as Coops to my friends Titch Cormack, John and Billy on the new BBC2 motorsports show The Speedshop.

I’m only slightly extroverted and really prefer one on one conversations with people. I have recently been running an interview series on my instagram called Arts & Minds. I talk to other makers, artists and thinkers about craft and business.


Due to my constant thirst to learn and experience, I can speak passionately about a number of subjects and always enjoy exploring new angles and view points. At the moment I am particularly excited about creative layering, a term I’ve created to explain my hopping from one medium to the next and merging of skills and techniques. Also dyslexia, sustainability and other makers.


My creative journey has taken a number of twists and turns. At the moment, I feel a strong resistance to niche my art - hopping from metal work to fabrics to prints. Pulling techniques from one to the other. I have recently spent time learning to engrave (massively altered by my printmaking experience) and excited to document and share the continuation of that journey.


Last year I spent a number of months working on pieces for the BBC2 show The Speedshop.  Filmed with my friends Titch Cormack, Billing Billington and John Nelson at Sbomb Vintage Workshop in Poole. Making, mistaking, problem solving and improvising. An almighty shove into action after a year of lockdowns. I have emerged with a bigger sense of what I can and want to achieve now, and some big ideas I need to nurture and release into the world.


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