Delivery Times for 2023 + FAQs

It's November 2022 and my due date is in 5 days time. This past year I have had my shop on hold for a number of months, this was an option for 2023 but I want to make more than ever this year so it just doesn't make sense.  

My products this year will have two statuses: 

  • Ready to ship 
  • Pre-order 

Ready To Ship 

Your ring exists already! Made in the size that you want and in stock either in my studio or with one of my stockists. This means that once I have collected it, the item is ready to be sent out to you. Ideally these products will be shipped within a couple of days. 

One caveat here - the product may have sold in the shop. I don't have live stock updates so I don't know this until I have checked in person. Luckily this isn't usually the case, if it is I will contact you right away to discuss. 


Pre Order 

Your item hasn't been made yet. 

There could be another item in another size available, but the size on pre-order is not available to ship right away. 

This means that delivery will be delayed until the next casting. I will kick start the next casting cycle when I have enough orders through - this will include re-stocking the shops too so it shouldn't be too long. 

Get in touch with me by email or instagram to check on predicted delivery times. Once the order has started being made the timeline looks like this: 

  • Casting - 2 weeks 
  • Polishing - 1 week 
  • Hallmarking - 2 weeks 
  • Final polish and post - 1 week 

So 6 weeks from the start of production to delivery. 



Can I order for Christmas 2022?

JC: Anything listed as "Ready to Ship" can be with you for Christmas 2022 as long as you order before the 19th December. Pre-Order items will not be ready in time for Christmas 2022. 


How do I find out when my Pre-Order item will be ready? 

JC: Your order will be in the next casting cycle, message me on Instagram to find out when casting will begin. Once casting starts it takes around 6 weeks to cast, hallmark, polish and post. 


Why is it taking so long? 

JC: This year will be much slower as I will have a new baby from November 2022. This is my first so I honestly have no idea of the impact that being a mum will have, it's important that I can adjust and adapt as needed. 


Why don't you just close your shop? 

JC: I love making! So if you are happy to have a longer lead time, I am more than happy to make sure you can get your product eventually. 


What will you be making this year?

JC: I will continue with my listed collections, exploring more engraving work - both metal and wood engraving, printmaking, drawing, mending and making more with fabrics. Working around the baby and the sleep deprivation. Making the most of maternity leave and a more organic flow for the next 12 months. 


Find me on Instagram at @coops.artist