Hex Cavelli Design Diary 1 - Custom Rings + 2016

Hex Cavelli - Design Diary Number 1 

Wax carving custom designs Hex Cavelli

Creating Custom Rings + progress through 2016.

2016 was amazing, I learnt how to work with wax, started working on my first collection, launched a website and etsy shop, made my first sales and completed one whopper of a custom order. 

2017 will be all about processing what I have learnt so far, and improving on every element of the business. Video is really important, not only is it a great way to connect with an audience and tell a story but for me it is the easiest way to record progress and also the hardest. 

I have never been keen on putting myself out there like this but I definitely need to get over that, so here we go.

Hex Cavelli Design Diaries

These are in the moment snippets of progress, thoughts, work in progress, planning and much more as I plough into 2017 and beyond. 

Here is the first - touching on recent challenges I faced making the Sons of Haringey Custom Ring, over coming these to become a better designer and looking back on the year.


Many more to come, you can subscribe to the channel here - Hex Cavelli on YouTube