How My Elusive Creative Genius Became Hex Cavelli

Elizabeth Gilbert talks about the Creative Genius 

Big Magic  

I first came across Elizabeth Gilbert talking about the Creative Genius in her book Big Magic - a wonderful piece of literature that I would recommend to anyone stuck in a creative rut. The more I looked into her as a writer and storyteller the more I discovered that she had explored the subject in more bitesize chunks.. including this fantastic and hugely popular Ted Talk. 


Elizabeth Gilbert - Creative Genius Ted Talk


Hex Cavelli - My Elusive Creative Genius  

So Elizabeth Gilbert inspired me, Alexa Clay inspired me and the rest.. Ziggy Stardust, Sasha Fierce and every comic book superhero and villain out there who channeled their strengths through a carefully constructed personality.

Forming an external creative character in my mind, to channel the ideas and production allowed me to shake off the heavy fog of expectations and judgement I was feeling.  


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