Printing Motorbike Linocut Cards

Blue and green motorbike lino print cards hand printed

Motorbike Lino 

Lino Inspiration

This little blue motorbike was down on Poole Quay for Poole Bike Night last summer. I snapped a photo and a few weeks later used it as inspiration for this little print. 


Linocutting Tools

Just getting back into lino cutting I used some basic lino cutting tools - the ones with the red handle and interchangable heads, you know the ones, everyone used them in school and most of us have the scars to prove it! 

I was cutting onto soft cut lino, one of my favourites. Not your traditional grey lino, this is more like rubber and cuts like butter. You can get some amazing details but it is always good to test a few lino options as you get into it, they all cut very differently. This can have some impact on the amount of detail in your image. 

For printing I used oil based inks, smudging the colours across to give a blend of blues, white and greens. Each print is slightly different. 

All of these were printed at Poole Printmakers in Dorset on their beautiful old Albion Press.