Prints for Christmas - Christmas Shopping in Poole

Arts events and pop-up shop in Poole, Dorset

There's nothing like a deadline to get those creative juices flowing! Trust me to squeeze my Christmas deadlines into one weekend! 

Printmaking exhibition in Poole 

The town's print making co-operative Poole Printmakers will be setting up once again in the Gather space in the Dolphin Centre. 

A group of around 50 printmakers of varied experience, displaying and selling  works from the past year. When submitting works we were told "no duplicates", with room for 5 framed prints and 25 unframed, it is important to have a big stock of prints to dip into.  

There will be prints for every budget, as some smaller or tester prints are sold for just £10 each! The perfect opportunity grab a bargain. 

As it's Christmas there should also be some labels, tags, Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas decorations for sale.


Collaborative Poole Printmakers Fish Print 

This year, as a form of fundraising for the exhibitions, a few of us have joined together to create a collaborative print. The prints were made using Tetra Pak, the material used to make soup and milk cartons. By peeling away the plastic layer on the inside of the carton we are able to use the rough card underneath to hold ink and by selective removal we make patterns. 

The theme was fish! We have five in total, all very slightly different. 

The printing experience was amazing - printing together, though restricted at the moment is so much fun. It's great to learn from other print makers and I think this late night printing session certainly gave me a gentle reminder of the importance of preparing my paper. 

This limited run of tetra pak drypoint etching fish from a number of the Poole Printmaker artists will only be available at the exhibition, and not sold online anywhere. 


Fish Poole Printmakers Collaborative Tetra Pak print


Prints for Presents 

Prints are an excellent gift. They are made of paper, so obviously helps you avoid that nasty plastic. Also they are something a little different, original and certainly thoughtful. Failing that, it's a great time to treat yourself. 


Printing with tetra pak - skulls of the sedlec ossuary

How to Purchase 

In person - this weekend you can buy any of my new prints at Gather. Gather is an exhibition space in the Dolphin Centre in Poole town centre. Gather has hosted a very successful Poole Printmakers exhibition in the summer, and we are hoping shoppers will find those perfect Christmas gifts at "Prints for Presents" running from the 17th - 20th December. 

On the 19th December I will also be doing a Pen Gallery pop-up. Just a few doors down from The Dolphin Centre in Poole is Pen Gallery. Hosting a range of makers and artists, with an additional space for a Christmas pop up! I will be there for one day only, with both prints and jewellery for sale. 

Online - as always you can shop online, via this website!