My Brands for a Sustainable Pregnancy

I'm not great at shopping, I want clothes that are ethically and sustainably made. I'll go out of my way to find clothing and products that are smart in some way, or even just easily mendable. Honestly, sometimes I'm even excited to have the opportunity to mend something I have just purchased, though I promise I don't sabotage perfectly good clothing. 

Pregnancy was a little daunting in the way that I was expecting my body to change and the clothes that would no longer fit. 

First stop were the charity shops, I went to Westbourne with mum and for around £40 managed to picked up lots of bigger tops and dresses. Over the months I found the tops the most useful, there were a couple of baggy and classically striped ones that i've worn non stop through the pregnancy. 

An essential new purchase was a swimming costume. I was going to be somewhat bumpy in the summer and I did had a couple of trips booked. Considering that pregnancy is only temporary and I had a number of bikinis already I found that many of the bottoms lasted the summer - I was surprised how many clothes I already had that were able to accommodate. Though the styles of Shein were cheap and tempting, the fact that they treat their workers so horrifically and there's no way clothes at that price can be well made or sustainable I went in search of that beautiful B of a B Corp.

JoJo Maman Bebe - a B Corp, though recently purchased by Next - had the best and most affordable maternity swimsuits I could find. I also picked up a couple of summer dresses that were recycled over and over for weddings, family dinners, days out etc. They all look pretty much brand new still, so great for passing on too. 

Jojo Maman Bebe pregnancy swimsuit

Isabella Oliver is another maternity B Corp with fantastic quality. Honestly, some of the prices were a little high for me but I did treat myself to some base layers. They have a range with Lenzing and Ecovero jersey which I found to be really supportive and comfortable. The shapes are flattering and they last through the whole of the pregnancy. 

Isabella Oliver also have a rental scheme and pre-loved scheme, both ways to reduce waste and make sure the items stay away from landfill. 

I kept wearing my Vivo Barefoot shoes throughout, the way they are designed for that barefoot feel while looking like a normal shoe allowed space for my feet to swell in the heatwave without feeling restricted. 

Vivo barefoot shoes for women


At the start of my pregnancy I bought a pair of Lucy & Yak dungarees in the sale. Before being pregnant I was a size 12, and always quite tall. I ordered a pair of the original dungarees in size 16 tall from Lucy & Yak, they've expanded with me well into my 3rd trimester. A little tight now but they were perfect for the everyday, especially when trousers are getting tighter and waistbands are a no-go. 

I love their designs too - they keep the fun alive even when you are feeling a tad grotty. Here's a selfie of me that I sent to my mum, never meant for the wider web but I can't find a better photo to show you! 

 Lucy & Yak

Hands down, my favourite pregnancy purchase has been my pillow. We headed to TK Maxx for a bargain and found a mish-mash of small, V-shaped, lumpy options. Fortunately I had already spotted a brand online that seemed like it would cater for my long back (I'm around 5ft 9inches - mostly back) and also have multiple uses and sleeping options. 

The Bellamoon pregnancy pillow has three parts, all zipped together. These can be unzipped in different ways to create customise-able support. After the birth the ends will zip together to make a feeding pillow and there's also an option of an attachable nursing nest. 

Bellamoon Pillow

Hands down this pregnancy pillow is the reason I have been able to sleep so well each night through my pregnancy. It is the reason I can get up and still be able to walk in the mornings with the hip support and there's still room in the bed for my partner. I have recommended it to friends, and taken it on any nights away I could. Honestly, I feel like it will be sticking around for a while. 

Bellamoon Pregnancy Pillow

It does seem a little expensive for a pillow, but I don't think you can put a price on better health, and reduced stress from a good night's sleep. I depoped some old clothes and treated myself and I highly recommend all pregnant women do this if you can, it's honestly a game changer. 


bellamoon pregnancy pillow


*** This blog contains some referral links for the following brands: Isabella Oliver, Jojo Maman Bebe, Lucy & Yak and Vivo Barefoot. 

You may have noticed this too when you go to purchase items at the moment. All customers can refer a friend and receive a discount or offer. All of these links were an after thought of the purchase, none of the items have been gifted and with sustainability in mind I would never recommend a product that I don't love.