South Coast Makers Market with Me n You Vs the World

Bad hand coffee bournemouth

Emma and I did our first South Coast Maker's Market at Bad Hand Coffee in Bournemouth on a slightly stormy morning - ages ago. When people could meet and chat, and honestly it is all we did all day long.

South coast makers market brands

Emma has these epic new vests for her brand Me 'n' You Vs The World, she had some freshly embroidered "Come Hell or High Water" sweaters and some hand-printed flags, made on her very own kitchen table. 

We met so many people! It was really awesome to meet the local maker community and also the people who supported us online, they suddenly became faces, and developed into friends.

This was the first time we met Lauren Marina - she's a wonderful illustrator, check out her latest illustrations here

Jewellery at south coast makers market

The other sellers were wonderful, I loved Jones Signs, I have not idea and all the respect for anyone with a hand that steady and the ability to paint signs so beautifully. 

Sign writing jones signs south coast makers market

 From set up to pack down those days with Emma are always fun and memorable. The South Coast Makers Market is both an opportunity for sustainable shopping and an easy way to join a wonderful, creative and supportive community on the south coast. Make sure you are following them on Instagram - @SouthCoastMakersMarket

Clear up south coast makers market

South Coast Makers Market has recently run some auctions for Bournemouth Hospital. They quite literally raise thousands of pounds for the NHS by teaming up with local makers to donate products to the auction. They followed this with the #helloSCmakers hashtag, a 6-day photo challenge, bringing the community together again, they really are the glue that seems to be connecting us all on the south coast! 

We are so lucky to have such a fantastic community in Bournemouth and an amazing team at the South Coast Makers Market to bring us all together!