Shops Stocking Art and Jewellery by Jane Cooper in Poole

Shopping Online vs In Person

You can find almost all of my art on this website. From time to time you will be able to see some discontinued art work on my instagram or possibly find it in one of the following shops. 

In each of the locations, shopping in person is an experience in itself. 


Coast Surf + Moto 

Coast is a surf and skate shop turned restaurant and cafe. You can easily spend hours relaxing, eating and shopping there. I have been stocked at Coast since the start of the brand Hex Cavelli and now as Jane Cooper. 

Why did I want to sell in Coast? 

I have known the family who own Coast since my teens, spending days on the beach with Katie and fully immersed in that boardsports scene for years after. When I had the idea to create a jewellery collection it seemed like an excellent goal. Katie selects the stock for the shop, she has fantastic taste and high standards, a huge incentive to get set up properly right away. 

Coast transformed from a kitesurfing school to the buzzing destination it is today a number of years ago. With adaptions each year - expanding the seating area and growing the kitchen as they continued to serve up the best breakfast in the area. With their newly installed pizza oven, the restaurant is now open into the evening as well.  

As well as stocking my jewellery and prints, Coast also has some excellent brands such as Bobo Choses and Obey (I'm a big fan of Shepard Fairey) as well as a range of gifts and children's products. 


Pen Gallery 

Pen Gallery popped up on Kingland Crescent a year ago. An amazing opportunity offered by Legal and General - a street of shops with no rent and no rates for two years. The shops were to support new local businesses and encourage visitors back to the high street. In recent years the Poole high street has become a jumble of charity shops and your typical high street names. There are certainly some gems - Boones is the best hard wear store you'll find in any town - but the general consensus was that the Poole high street was dying. 

I was so excited to be offered a space in Kingland - but after running the numbers it just wasn't an option for me. I have a flat, and the mortgage is paid using the salary I get from my marketing job, I would have had to give that up entirely to run a shop and it just didn't look like it was going to work. Luckily Em was setting up Pen Gallery - a shop and gallery space to promote local art and makers. 

A different feel to Coast and a different footfall. The jewellery and client is slightly different too - I am still experimenting with my collection. I have also recently added my original prints and lino printed cards too.


SBomb Vintage Workshop

It's a little crazy to think that SBomb has been up and running for around 5 years now! A cafe, motorbike workshop, shop and venue in Poole, between the lifting bridges on Poole Quay. 

Since opening, SBomb has hosted every memorable night out that I have had in the past five years. The people down there are so welcoming, there's no judgement or ego and it's just the easiest place to make friends. Owner, Titch Cormack, is usually around for a catch up, lighting up the place with his grimsby charm and mischief. An energy that wouldn't allow for negativity and grumbles. Recently SBomb has been hosting The Pit Stop Project, nights hosted by Movember, promoting mens mental health and physical wellbeing with a series of gatherings and talks - with a doctor and mental health first aider on site too. 


The Speedshop - BBC2 

In early 2020 SBomb hit the biggest screens around (cinemas were closed due to lockdown). One pilot episode was launched on BBC2 with some excellent feedback - this lead to the filming of the first season of The Speedshop. Show timings to be announced soon.

I have had my jewellery workshop down there at times, moving back home for the winter or when making time is tight after work. This summer I was based down there, working on projects for the series and learning as hard and as fast as I could. It was a real journey and challenge - but more about that when the show comes out, I don't want to spoil the show! 

At the moment (as SBomb is closed for now) so I don't have any jewellery down there but you can pick up some prints when they re-open in Feb. 


Poole Printmakers Exhibitions 

I am a member of Poole Printmakers and we have regular exhibitions of our work. This year we have had a couple of excellent exhibitions at Gather, a new space in the Dolphin Centre for classes, workshops and pop ups. 

It was lovely to meet so many locals and see the prints just flying off the shelves. I think I've bought at least four works by my fellow printmakers at each of the exhibitions. 

These exhibitions are arranged through the year, keep an eye on my social for any announcements.