The Speedshop Series announced by BBC

The BBC have announced that The Speedshop will be hitting you screens as a full first series. A six part series will follow ex-special forces operator and motorbike builder Titch Cormack with Billy (Graeme Billington) and John Nelson as they build and customise machines for daring adventures.

Titch Cormack Speedshop BBC2

Having seen snippets of the filming I can honestly tell you that you'll be hooked. The show is tied together with the friendships it is based on. The unfazed and 'Everything is figure-outable" optimistic attitude of Titch, the chilled realism of Billy and the matter of fact approach that John takes to the challenges and tasks that arise. 

Jane Cooper Artist Speedshop

I am excited to announce that I am also part of The Speedshop. All I can say is that I bring a splash of creativity to the show and I can't wait to be able to discuss what has undoubtedly been the most creatively challenging year. Say yes and figure it out later! 

Show times are yet to be announced but keep you eyes peeled.