WeCanYukon - An Adventure Along The Yukon River.

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The Original Yukon River Plan

In August 2018 a small group of us are paddling along the Yukon River. When we started planning the expedition the aim was to travel 470 miles along the river starting at Whitehorse and finishing the trip in Dawson City. Not long after we set up a little Whatsapp group to start the planning did someone suggest we extend it slightly, in distance, not time, and we all jumped at the chance. 

In all honesty I can't remember the last time I paddled anywhere, Kayaking in an inflatable or one short session in Poole Harbour on a stand up paddle board perhaps. I don't think I have ever been in a Canadian canoe. I have definitely never paddled 470 miles in 16 days, so adding another 100 onto that didn't seem to make much of a difference. If we were going to do it we may as well get all the way to Alaska right? 

An Extra 100 Miles? No Problem.. 

The goal now is 570 miles (933km) from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory to Eagle, Alaska. We have 16 days on the water and are hoping to enjoy the bears, moose, lynx, wolves and other wildlife from a distance, and avoid becoming dinner. 

Yukon River Paddling Map

Camping and campfires 

We will be wild camping by the river at night and hoping to eat fresh food. With one stop in a small settlement along the way to top up on veggies, we are hoping to catch fish on route. Though we will be prepared with some emergency ration packs incase our fishing skills aren't up to scratch.  

Charity Fundraising 

After some discussion we decided to do some fundraising, not to fund any aspect of the trip - we are paying for it all ourselves - but to support a couple of charities that are very close to our hearts.

Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK we thought was an important one, cancer devastates so many lives and undoubtedly affects each and everyone directly or indirectly. The work being done by Cancer Research UK is tremendously valuable and more than deserving of half our pot.


The other half is being donated to Samaritans, whose tribe of volunteers are there  day in, day out for anyone in need of emotional support. Supporting with out judgement or advice they are there for anyone experiencing a moment of crisis, and just needs someone to listen. 

WeCanYukon Collection

I have created a range of cards and prints for the expedition. Every sale from the WeCanYukon Collection adds a little more to our fundraising pot. 

WeCanYukon Cards


If you would like to donate to our chosen charities you can find our donations page by clicking here.


Probably a little late (Dorset Art Weeks got in the way!) I am starting to ramp up my training - any tips or advice about the trip? Feel free to drop me a message on Instagram or Facebook - I need all the help I can get!