Goodbye to the XO Ring

XO ring polished and shiny


It is a little thrilling to discontinue rings, I am excited for the people who own them. To come to the end of a run limits the availability, and keeps the magic in the few that have been made. 

The beautiful thing about handmade rings is that, even with moulds and casting, it's more unique than CAD design and likely fewer than jewellery that has been 3D printed. Each of the rings is an investment of time, hand work and skill.

chunky silver ring OX ring by Jane Cooper

I really liked the XO ring, I wanted to see what it would look like in silver when I first created it in wax. It came back heavier than I expected, the band was thick and in my excitement to see the angles shine the whole ring was a big chunk of silver. But chunk is fairly common in my work and theres nothing better than a bold ring. 

This is a beautiful ring to polish, there are so many angles and dips. The ring itself has a very wide band with a small point of crossing in the centre. It creates a style of armour around the finger, only the wearer can see the flesh of the finger with the illusion of a full band to anyone else. 

A ring as Armour silver XO ring creating illusion on the finger

This ring was last ordered by a lovely customer, it was his second ring from me, last year he ordered the coral Kraken Ring. I love that the second to last XO ring is with a loyal customer. I have one left, it doesn't fit me but I can work on that, I don't think I can let it go.